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I was born in 1980 in Eskişehir. I graduated from the Sculpture Department of Faculty of Fine Arts in Anadolu University in 2006.

Between the years 2007 and 2011, I completed my Master's Degree in the Sculpture Department of the Institute of Fine Arts in Anadolu University, where I wrote my thesis titled Visual and Intellectual Changes in 20th Century Sculpture.

I work with different materials of which metal is the main one.

By the end of 2013, I had done figurative sculpture work which were mainly based on themes from the fields of history and mythology. Recently, I am interested in such topics as expanded boundaries of the body and its relationship to sculpture, video art and the 4th dimension in sculpture.
Contact Information

E-Mail : acekderi@gmail.com


2000-2006 // Anadolu University / Faculty of Fine Arts / Sculpture Department

2007-2011 // Anadolu University / Institute of Fine Arts/ Master

2014 // Marmara University / Institute of Fine Arts/ doctorate

Artistic Activities

2005 // Beykoz Cumhuriyet Village High School 19 May Square Exhibition / İstanbul

2005 // “Turhan Selçuk, Abdulcanbaz Sculpture Application" / Anadolu University World of Cartoon Art Museum /Eskişehir

2005 // Painting, Sculpture Exhibition Tuyap /İstanbul

2006 // Turgut Pura Foundation 25. Awarded Painting and Sculpture Competition /Neval Süreyya Kafesçioğlu-Mansion/İzmir

2006 // ODTÜ The 50th Year Freedom and Limits Themed Sculpture Competition / Exhibition / Ankara

2006 // I. National Huzurkent Sand Sculpture Symposium, Second Place and Best Group Award /Tarsus

2006 // Konak II. Sculpture Days - Metal Sculpture Symposium /İzmir

2006 // Painting, Sculpture Exhibition Tuyap /İstanbul

2007 // Fiesta 2007 The 5th International Sand Sculpture Festival/ Faro / Portugal

2009 // Painting, Sculpture Exhibition Tuyap /İstanbul

2012 // “Is it inspiration? Devil? Sculpture Poetry Gathering” Group Sculpture Exhibition/ İstanbul

2012 // Lochristi International Sculpture Symposium Flanders / Lochristi, Belgium

2013 // Eskişehir Art Association April 15 World Art Day Group Painting, Sculpture EXhibition /Eskişehir

2013 // Magem the 3rd Art Exhibition / Famaguts / Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

2013 // Proje4L/Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, "Terrace Exhibitions" Under 40/İstanbul

2013 // “In Tulpar’s Footsteps ..." GalerySoyut/ Personal Sculpture Exhibition /Ankara

2014 // "Horses, Steel and Reflections" /T.C. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Suna Çokgür Ilıcak Art gallery / Personal Sculpture Exhibition /Ankara

2014 // Trabzon Municipality Clean Football Memorial Free, National and Fine Art Works Competition 3rd Place Nilüfer ERGİN DOĞRUER, Sculptor. Ünsal İÇÖZ, Caner ŞENGÜNALP, Suat DÜNDAR, Arif ÇEKDERİ

2014 // Şişli Municipality Nişantaşı Art Park "Young Sculpture Exhibition" Group Sculpture Exhibition /İstanbul

2014 // 2. İstanbul Design Biennial, " "The Future is Not What it Used to Be"/ İstanbul"

2014 // Contemporary Istanbul 2014/RenArt Gallery

2015 // Mamut Art Project 2015 / İstanbul


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